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Mon petit cuer n'est pas à moy - 4vv


Name Anonymous
Standardized title Mon petit cuer n'est pas à moy
Scoring summary 4vv
Title on source Mon petit cuer nest pas a moy
Work Anonymous: Mon petit cuer n'est pas à moy ; 4vv
RISM ID No. 1000002181

Canonic Technique(s)

Type double canon: 4 ex 2
Imitation interval 4th above
Temporal offset 1 and 3 semibreve(s) in ¢


Work number 24.1.1
Rubric Alterius dicetis amant alterna camene
Voice/instrument [S]
General note f.29v
PAE Code
Work number 24.1.2
Voice/instrument [T]
General note f.30
PAE Code


Total scoring Vocal parts - 4 in 2, unlabelled voices (4vv)

Material description

Type Print
Publishing, Printing and Production Information 1520
Parts held Vocal parts - [S], [T]
Extent (parts) f.29v-30

Further information

General note The S canonic instruction is from Virgil’s third Eclogue (line 59): “Alterius dicetis amant alterna camene”; two signa congruentiae for each canonic voice may suggest alternative solutions, possibly even a 6vv solution
Two solutions provided in Thomas 2006 edition, the first with temporal offsets of one semibreve (one minim in transcription), the second with temporal offsets of three semibreves (three minims in transcription)


Bibliographic reference Dobbins 2009 Antico , p.136-7
Antico 1520 ed Thomas , 50-51

Index terms

Subject heading Chanson
Language of text fre

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